What happened to Marcela Valladolid on The Kitchen?

In a post from October 18, 2017, Marcela, sharing little about what really happened, states, “The precise details are unnecessary and, in the words of Ms. Sunny Anderson, nunya business, but there are two things that are very important here, in this departure….” For weeks after her departure there were no real leads on what went down. Suddenly Marcella was just absent from “The Kitchen”.

Marcela Valladolid’s life hasn’t been without drama, even before her departure from the show. Marcela was first married to her husband Fausto Gallardo, a politician. Marcelo and her husband’s relationship were always tumultuous. After splitting for a brief while, she actually re-married her husband in 2012, only to get divorced in 2013. According to a source close to the couple, the main reason for the split was her relationship with Paul Hollywood.

Marcela met Paul on the set of the Great American Bake Off. A short-lived series that was eventually cancelled due to low ratings. Due to this, Marcela wasn’t the only to get separated as Paul divorced his wife of 15-years Alexandra. After her marriage ended, Marcela began dating now husband Phillip Button. Together they have two children, David and Anna Carina.

In that same October 18th post, Valladolid goes on to explain that part of her reasoning for the departure was the strain the travel put on her family. A long resident of San Diego, Marcela is finally moving to Los Angeles to live with David. She also noted that part of her decision came from the fact she wasn’t cooking recipes that represented her. She will most certainly be missed, but you can keep her traditions alive by picking up her book Mexican Made Easy.


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  1. I can’t believe you would take Marcela off the kitchen. Just another one of the food networks bright ideas. You take the good people off and then leave the worst shows on the air need some changes there or the food network is down the drain

    • Did you read the whole article? She was having to travel too much to be on the show. She doesn’t live in the same city where it is taped. Also, she wasn’t cooking the type of recipes that represented her.

  2. It’s all a matter of taste as to who you want to see on The Kitchen. I didn’t even realize Marcella was gone till I saw a repeat of The Kitchen and I saw her name. She is self absorbed and often acted like she was better than the rest of the crew. Personally she won’t be missed even though she wants to think people are crying in their salsa because she’s gone. The 4 person group is less hectic and they work well with each other…it’s great when they have a guest chef come visit and now there’s more time for them!

      • I agree with Kim and Victoria
        I don’t miss her at all ! She can go back to Mexico for all we care. She always acted like she was better than the rest of the crew of the kitchen, which is one of my favorite shows ! Love the gang that’s on there now , please keep them on !!!
        Love the humor between them, u can tell that they all get along on the show and off !
        Love u guys, keep up the good work 😍

    • I rarely watched this show specifically BECAUSE Marcella grated on my last nerve. She was always shouting over everybody, acted like she was the star of the show and the others were just there as a support cast and came across as self-important and desperate for camera-time. She just didn’t fit in with the rest of the cast. Now that I know she’s no longer on the show, I’ll give The Kitchen another look. I always enjoyed the others on the show. Losing Marcella was a blessing.

      • This is called addition thru subtraction. 5 was too many and she did not add value or contribute effectively to the groups chemistry. It’s all about the bromance between Geoffrey and Jeff imo. The other ladies are a decent foil to their fun loving good time. They could have a spin off show just the two of them. Marcela voice got on my nerves as did her over stressing the authentic way to say something like cilantro. Based on her personal life relationships and choices she sounds like a hot mess drama queen. Can’t remember wanting to eat what she was making. Sounds like she got canned or not asked to return. Good call on this one Food Network.

    • i totally AGREE. She is NOT missed and I found her to be the most annoying personality. She is VERY self absorbed and she was less than a quarter of how clever she thought she was. I’m so glad she’s off the show. I LOVE the Kitchen and the chemistry between them is the BEST!

  3. She won’t be missed. I never liked her personality. There’s a reason all these men just want what’s between her legs and not her mind.

  4. I agree she was full of herself and pushed her Mexican accent around so much it was annoying.the 4 remaining do get on well she’s not missed,it’s less crowded
    Now.she was good on her own show and cooking the food that represented her she was well suited there don’t know why they put her on the kitchen????

  5. I think everyone is just jealous? if I were newly married and had two beautiful kids, I would make my family my priority. Also, I myself, think Marcela should further her career in CA. I think she makes great, exciting food.

  6. Marcella is deeply missed…I get sick of watching Sunny drooling when someone else is cooking, then diving in like a glutton…Katie advertises how wide she can open her mouth…they both need to go….

    • Sunny does a lot of side eye also, watch her facial expressions! You can tell when she dislikes something. Talk about someone who thinks their above everyone else, how about GZ MR.Iron Chef (how many years ago was that).


  8. Well personally, she did throw her mexican around alot, and by all means i was just agreeing with others, but also there is times she did acted like she was better than the rest sometime. But being home with family is also important. So just wish her luck and happiness. But come on you guys, you know the show is still awesome!!! I love them all, but Sunny and Jeff!!!! love them, they do make the show. but GZ, is plain awesome in his own dapper ways. love him!! Katy!! well Katy is Katy.. but they make a great team, I would love to hang out you Sunny and Jeff “sandwich King!! its time for ya to do another Rap song!! Trust me, ya make my husband enjoy it as well!! Dont quit the KITCHEN!! 🙂 Denise

  9. I could always sense an underlying tension between Marcella and her other Kitchen co-stars so it’s not surprising she left the show. Marcella and Aaron Sanchez both need to get a clue when it comes to showing diversity in their cooking styles and both come off as snobs on any show they participate in. Being a real chef means training to be diverse in other other culture cooking styles not just your own.

  10. I really enjoyed her and I thought she brought an exotic touch to the group. Sorry she’s gone. Best of luck to her and her family ?

  11. Marcela tries to come across as humble and hard working, but she is a hypocrite! She comes from old money in Tijuana, sure she has had to “work” but she hasn’t been sincere about how the path to stardom has been easier for her. If she comes across as self absorbed it’s because she was raised as a spoiled rich girl.

  12. OMG you guys it’s just a show to help us with cooking tips. Not a contest. I wish the best for Marcela and her family. They all bring some thing to the table.

  13. I do miss Marcella. I liked her on the show. What ever happened or what is going on right now, it’s not anybody’s business. This is a COOKING SHOW. I’m sure the other hosts have had or having issues. They don’t bring it up on the show or on the internet. Leave Marcella alone. The show needs someone to show Mexican food. Marcella showed how to cook true Mexican food. I hope you get her back to the show.

  14. Maybe I’m just old-fashioned, but I lose respect for a woman who sleeps with a married man (and Paul Hollywood is no better). I do not miss her, on The Kitchen, as I think the other four do just fine, without her. They seem to get along well and have great chemistry, while she was just loud. I am enjoying the show, without her.

  15. She is a good chef and FN should’ve kept Mexican made easy on the air. There is no Hispanic representation. Do much for diversity.

  16. Glad she’s gone she was annoying and self absorbed now she is on the best baker in America ….. WHY??? She is STILL annoying and self absorbed only now she no longer throws her heritage in your face every two seconds but she is so harsh to the contestants …. and since when is a trained baker

  17. I dont miss her at all!! She always acted like her cheese didnt stink! I got the vibe at times that she wanted to be like GZ, in that classy elegant way. When she would be the helper to sunny, Gz,Jeff or Katie, she would out talk them and it was almost as if their recipe was “ok” and here’s how SHES going to make it better.
    Shes now a judge on the Best Baker in America, and I dont like her on there either! It’s almost as if, it has to be about her ALL the time..with each taste test..ugh..she irks my nerves!

  18. I just wish Sunny would stop shouting… she speaks so loud it’s annoying. And Katie’s voice sounds so fake. With that said, I do like their recipes and group dynamic.

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