Milagro Tequila’s Paraiso Cocktail

Paraiso Tequila Cocktail

With Cinco de Mayo tomorrow, I thought I would offer up a different Tequila cocktail for the holiday. Paraiso means paradise, and this cocktail is as close as we can get to putting in a glass. This also features Milagro Tequila which is one of my favorite brands. Paraiso 2 parts Milagro Silver 1/2 part


Keto Lemon Bar Recipe

Keto Lemon Bars

This recipe takes a bit from many different recipes I have come across. However, this keeps the ingredients pretty simple so you may already have most of the ingredients in the house. I actually used Xylitol as my sweetener, but using something like Swerve Confectioners sugar will probably result in a slightly creamier lemon bar.