Chamucos Reposado Review

Chamucos Reposado Review

This tequila review is dedicated to the scariest thing of all; 2020. We have lived through so much this year. So many holidays have been essentially canceled. With Halloween finally falling on a Saturday night, it is almost ghoulishly cruel that many won’t be able to celebrate like we used to. So, maybe it is just best to stay home with a spooky looking tequila bottle filled with delicious tequila.

Chamucos Reposado is a tequila we discovered for obvious reasons which is the box it comes in. I certainly don’t buy tequila based on the bottle, but this tequila’s packaging draws your eye. But wait, there’s more. The box that it comes includes punch outs that allows you to turn the box into a scary demon as seen in the photo.

But, what about the tequila inside you ask? Chamucos Reposado is a very smooth, high quality tequila therefore it does come at a slightly higher price point. The taste of the tequila is very fruity but with strong flavors from the oak barrels. I think the best highlight is the delicate balance between the fruit and the spice. It almost has the complexities of a pineapple jalapeno margarita. That being said, it could be a great candidate for a high end cocktail.

In summary, this is a great tequila but mild enough to lure in even the occasional tequila drinker. Those fruity notes make it dance across your tongue but finish with the nice spicy notes.


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