Arguero Cocktail From The Saint


This has to be one of my favorite cocktails! I first tried this at The Saint Tequila Bar here in Seattle. This is a very refreshing cocktail thanks to the Ginger Beer. 3 oz. Silver or Reposado Tequila 3 Cucumber Slices 1 Serrano Pepper 1 Lime Splash of Ginger Beer In a cocktail shaker, combine


Winter Hibiscus Margarita

Hibiscus Margarita

This recipe came from one of my favorite foodie websites Food52. I also happen to love Cazadores Reposado, so I had to share the recipe. Now if you are looking to keep sugar on the low side, you can replace the sugar with this amazing sugar substitute Erythritol. It’s a naturally occurring sugar alcohol derived from corn


Tequila: Silver, Reposado or Gold

Milagro Tequilas

I thought the first post in the Drink section should be about Tequila. As Tequila has become more popular, I often get asked about the difference between the types of Tequila. Tequila comes in three different varieties, Silver (Plata), Reposado and Gold (Anejo). Simply put, they refer to the amount of time that the tequila