Tequila: Silver, Reposado or Gold

Milagro Tequilas

I thought the first post in the Drink section should be about Tequila. As Tequila has become more popular, I often get asked about the difference between the types of Tequila. Tequila comes in three different varieties, Silver (Plata), Reposado and Gold (Anejo). Simply put, they refer to the amount of time that the tequila is rested before it is bottled. Many people also don’t know that any true Tequila is actually made in Tequila, Mexico. Tequila is located about an hour east of Puerto Vallarta. This is where the majority of the world’s tequila comes from. Some of the best ones are made from Blue Agave. Since Silver Tequila doesn’t rest in barrels for very long, it doesn’t pick up the gold colors as do Reposado and Gold. As Tequila rests in barrels, it also tends to pick up more sugar as the flavors become sweeter and deeper. Some of the long rested Gold Tequila actually can have similar flavors of long rested alcohol like Whiskey. My preferred Tequila variety is Reposado as it still has a lightness to it, while developing some of those sweet and spicy notes.



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