Amazon Echo & Voice Search

I am sure after the holidays, thousands of homes now have voice controlled search modules in their home. From Amazon’s Echo to Google Home, there are a lot of options to add these devices to your collection at home. However, as consumers play around with their new gadgets, the thousands of searches are just making those machines even smarter.

It’s amazing that we went from typing searches into Google’s search bar and completely skipped over graphic and image searches that some predicted. When Google introduced Google Shopping ads on their results page, it was a game changer. But, a lot of people seemed to be going to Amazon first to do their product searches.

The bigger question is what gets ordered when you ask it to order your paper towels? Is it the same as the top search result when you type in the search query? Or does Amazon and Google pick what paper towels get shipped out to you? Or is it Amazon’s own private label paper towel that they are trying to push? As homes start to adopt these devices, voice search will become a huge part of ecommerce and we may be giving up control over what we choose. However, these devices are only going to get smarter!



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