Bring Summer Into Fall with Palm Decor

Palm Leaf Wallpaper

One of the hottest interior design trends for 2019 has been the introduction of the palm leaf. Weather it be in the form of wallpaper or just simple additions to your room like this set of pillows, this trend is a great way to bring a bit of that summer airiness into your home for the upcoming Fall season.

The print below is another great way to bring in the palm element without breaking the bank. For about $72 this print can be yours already stretched onto a frame. Just hang on the wall and you will be transported to paradise.

This particular trend is really more of an Art Deco throwback than the other kitchier side of California cool which has also become popular lately with palm trees. This particular trend also compliments another recent trend of metals especially gold and brass. But remember, even just choosing something like this palm bedspread can give you a completely different look especially when you accent your room with the right accessories.

If you need some more summer inspiration, check out this great curated collection on Amazon.com that features all types of home decor that can help you bring that summer warmness inside.


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