Elvelo Reposado Tequila

Elvelo Tequila Review

I always like to share discoveries I make at the Agave Fest in Seattle. This year, I am reviewing a brand I was unfamiliar with called Elvelo. Created in collaboration with Master Distiller Carlos Hernandez Ramos of La Cofradi, this tequila is made with the unique purpose of making the very best cocktails.

Altamar Brands, which also brings us Ocho Tequila is serving up this new tequila in Liter format only. The other interesting attribute of this brand is the high alcohol content at 44.5% ABV. So, it is a great value, but is it good?

The reposado is aged 5 months in Ex-Jack Daniels Barrels which gives it a very smooth and smokey start. However, what I like best about this tequila is deep sweet notes that round out the flavor. With that, you will also get strong hints of vanilla which give it that caramel taste I like in a reposado.

So, if you happen to come across this when shopping for Tequila, it is definitely worth picking up and trying out some great craft cocktails.

Casey Van Damme

I was born and raised in the Northwest and wouldn't give up my home in Seattle for anything. But, my love of Mexico and travel has instilled a taste for tequila and spicy food in me. I am always trying to make old favorites healthier and love sharing my adventures.

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