Cauliflower Mushroom Casserole

Cauliflower Casserole

As we are approaching Thanksgiving, we are all thinking about the good stuff we will be eating. For some of us, the traditional dishes are the most special. If you are trying to get low-carb, here is a spin on the traditional green bean casserole that turned out pretty delicious.

First of all, take a full head of cauliflower and cut up in small pieces. I put those in a baking dish in the oven to get the cooking process going. Then I put one yellow onion in a small pan to caramelize. Here’s the sauce that you will pour over everything.

1 Can of Cream of Mushroom Soup
1/2 cup Half and Half and 1/2 cup of Milk
1/4 cup of Sour Cream
1/4 Shredded Mexican Cheese
Salt, Pepper, Garlic Power and Dried Thyme
1/4 cup water to thin out sauce

After the cauliflower has cooked for about 10 minutes, I added a small flat of mushrooms on top to start to get them roasting as well. Stir vegetables after about 6 minutes. Once your onions are ready, pour your sauce over the vegetables and stir a bit. Top with onions, then sprinkle with cheddar cheese. Cook for about 30 minutes until top is golden brown. Let set and serve.

If you want to go the more traditional route, you could top with the fried onions, but those have a bit more carbs than the caramelized onions.

Casey Van Damme

I was born and raised in the Northwest and wouldn't give up my home in Seattle for anything. But, my love of Mexico and travel has instilled a taste for tequila and spicy food in me. I am always trying to make old favorites healthier and love sharing my adventures.

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