Grand Orendain Reposado Tequila Review

Gran Orendain Reposado

This tequila is another discovery that came from attending the tequila festival in Seattle. I had actually seen the less expensive variety at a local liquor store, but not until about a year or so ago did I start to see the Gran Orendain pop up at my Total Wine.

The thing I like most about this tequila is the complexity of the sweetness. You really get all sorts of notes like caramel and vanilla but the allspice and clove bring it together. I don’t mind the oak flavors as I personally like how it pairs with the sweet flavors. Some have noted black pepper flavors, but they are definitely not too strong with the reposado.

For a slightly different take on this tequila, I looked at Total Wine’s write up. They note aromas of dried flowers, tropical fruit custard tart and marinated cucumber with a supple, medium to full body. Finishes with notes of dates, figs, sweet roasted pineapple and powdered sugar. 

Taste can sometimes be on the tongue of the taster, but I think the consistent take on Orendain’s upper shelf reposado, is that it is a sweet but not overpowering. One worth bringing home and tasting for yourself!


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