Here Begins My Instant Pot Journey

InstaPot Duo Plus Review

I recently received the Instant Pot Duo Plus as a birthday present. I had held off for awhile as we really didn’t have the room for another appliance when we already had two crock pots and a rice cooker. But after watching Ree Drummond cook up on the Food Network, I started to get the itch.

So, I don’t have any amazing recipes yet. Let’s be honest, that I am still a little intimated. And now that the Coronavirus has really limited what food is available at the grocery store, I am going to have to rethink how I approach this journey. I still have to test it out and do a dry run first, so I haven’t made much progress. Stay tuned to find out how it goes and please leave me any ideas, tips or recipes you have from your own Instant Pot journey.

My first attempt was at chili. Something I have cooked often in my slow cooker, but ready to see if we can cut down that cooking time. Read Here.

Second attempt was to made pulled BBQ chicken on the 4th of July. This didn’t go quite as I had opened. Read my adventure here.

Casey Van Damme

I was born and raised in the Northwest and wouldn't give up my home in Seattle for anything. But, my love of Mexico and travel has instilled a taste for tequila and spicy food in me. I am always trying to make old favorites healthier and love sharing my adventures.

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