Herradura Ultra Anejo Tequila Review

Herradura Ultra Anejo

Happy National Tequila Day 2020! With the Coronavirus still cancelling some of our favorite drinking holidays this year, I thought I would pick a really nice tequila for you to go out and blow some money on.

I have written about the trend of clear Anejo tequilas coming on the market. I previously reviewed Don Julios version last year. If you don’t know the difference between a silver or plato tequila and these clear anejo counterparts, please read on.

Anejo tequilas are aged much longer than other varietals. Because of this, they absorb much of their color from the barrel along with that deep smokey flavors you usually get with a good one. Silver tequilas aren’t aged long at all, so that’s why they remain clear. For these clear anejos, they follow the same aging process, but than are filtered many times. This filtering process pulls out some of the color and even some of that dark sugary taste.

What you are left with is a very very smooth tasting tequila that still has all the complexities of a normal anejo, but a very refined taste palate. What I like about Herradura tequilas, is their strong spicy profile. Here’s what the distiller says about this tequila: “With the perfect blend of our premium Añejo and Extra Añejo barrels, ULTRA is a crystal-clear tequila. A subtle hint of agave nectar offers a superior taste that will transport tequila connoisseurs beyond smoothness”.

Like many other Herradura tequilas, the beginning is very sweet with a powerful vanilla taste which is not uncommon for aged tequilas. But, where this tequila wins is the finish. It comes together with some spicy tons and ends very smoothly. Easily one of my favorite tequilas at the moment.

Casey Van Damme

I was born and raised in the Northwest and wouldn't give up my home in Seattle for anything. But, my love of Mexico and travel has instilled a taste for tequila and spicy food in me. I am always trying to make old favorites healthier and love sharing my adventures.

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