Nest Mesh Wifi Review

Google Nest Wifi Mesh Router

I have had many routers over the years and have tried them in many configurations. For home automation, I chose to go with TP-Link’s Kasa line of lights and switches. For a long time, I was under the impression that I had to have a TP-Link router in order to run them all since Kasa doesn’t come with a central hub. So after my first TP-Link router stopped working properly, I upgraded to a more powerful TP-Link router. Within a matter of weeks, the wifi part of the router stopped working. Then, one day I realized that my Xfinity Router supported Kasa. So, I moved all 40 of my Kasa units over to the Xfinity router. The one thing Comcast doesn’t talk about is that their router only supports a limited number of devices at one time.

I started to research which system I was going to with next. Then I happened upon one selling point that many other routers weren’t talking about and that was the number of supported devices. When I saw that Google was advertising that their new mesh router system supported up to 200 devices at once, I was intrigued. Unfortunately, I was a little put off by its expensive price tag so I watched for a sale and finally picked up a router and additional access point.

I already had many Google Home streaming devices, so going with the Nest system was a natural decision. The other selling point for me was the additional access point also acted as a speaker. Since I already had the Google Home app set up, adding the new router was really easy. The complete setup went very well, so then I just needed to move all my devices over to the new Nest Mesh System.

I immediately saw an improvement in streaming across the entire house. Any previous dark spots were gone. It also kept all Kasa devices connected and they weren’t dropping off as they did with my previous routers. If you are running Kasa and Google Home, then this is the system for you!

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