Superfrico Restaurant Review

We recently traveled to Las Vegas for my friend’s bachelorette party. This was the first time I have flown since the beginning of the pandemic. The last few trips to Vegas, we have always stayed at The Cosmopolitan. It is certainly one of the most unique casinos on the strip and targeted at people who like things a little different.

On our last night, we booked dinner at Superfrico in The Cosmopolitan. The restaurant is described as a psychedelic Italian dining experience. It helps to understand that the restaurant is located next to the venue for the show Opium. It has a trippy Cique du Soliel vibe to it, but what really stood out was the food.

We started off our dining experience with the mozzarella that is made tableside and served as a delicious Caprese salad. From there, the table ordered a variety of things to share. Each item was delicious and the cocktails were on point. So, if you happen to be in Vegas, check out Superfrico at The Cosmopolitan.


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