Don Julio Rosado Review

don julio rosado

For a while, Cristalano varietals were the new trend. However, I was first exposed to Codigo 1530 Rosa a couple years ago. Since then, a few more have come on the market. I have always been a fan of the Don Julio family of tequilas. So, when Don Julio Rosado came on the market, I was quick to give it a try.

I have now had it many times and it’s my new request for birthday gifts. What makes this tequila so interesting is they are finished in ruby Port barrels for at least four months. It gaves the tequila a lovely pink hue and a slightly fruity taste compared to other Don Julio tequilas.

There’s a gentle berry sweetness on the palate, but the predominant quality remains agave-forward, touched with a lacing of nougat and sweetness driven by candied nuts. A slight strawberry and cream character becomes more prevalent with time in the glass, though notes of green pepper, ground white pepper, and a light rose petal note build over time. The finish sees the most reposado-like qualities of the tequila make their appearance, with elements of sesame seed and a hint of caramel in the mix.


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