Google Home vs. Amazon Alexa

Google Home vs. Alexa

With all the research I did looking at these two products, I thought it would be worth sharing some of the things that helped me make my decision. First of all, Amazon Alexa has been around longer than Google Home. With that, Amazon has learned along the way and made some great improvements. However, Google has a much larger library of intelligence to pull from and with that is just a little bit smarter than Alexa.

The biggest thing that Google has on Alexa, is context. When you ask Google Home, who starred in a certain movie, you can then follow up and say “What other movies was he in?”. With Alexa, each command is really the beginning of a new conversation and as such you have to ask “What other movies was Bradley Cooper in?” It is also important to ask what are the most important things you want your voice assistant to do for you.

Upon my research, Alexa does a great job of knowing what you have purchased previously on Amazon and you can re-order with a few simple commands. But if you are geekier than that and want to harness the power of home automation, than Google Home may be the best bet for you. My most important task for Google was playing music and Google Home has one major advantage over Alexa. With Google, you can save up to 50,000 songs to the cloud. With Amazon, they just announced that their music storage service will be going away in the next year.