Best Cheap Tequila by the Half Gallon

Best Cheap Tequila

Since the beginning of 2020, we have been buying our tequila and having it delivered. In the process, we have been comparing brands of tequila that come in the 1.75 liter size. First of all, I have to state that our household does not believe in Silver tequila. Silver tequilas do not have the benefit of resting in barrels and developing those more complex flavors. Silver tequila has what I can a grainy alcohol especially when you are looking for cheaper brands. So, this post is going to focus on affordable tequilas that come in the half gallon size.

One night we decided to rank several half gallons of reposado by price and we were surprised where they all fell in line. It was that night that inspired this blog post. Hopefully it will help you decide which tequila might be right to have handy when you need to make a couple pitchers of margaritas.

Hornitos Reposado 1.75L (Average Price $30 – $35)

This has been one of our go-to tequilas for years and years. It’s what I might call old faithful. It has a mellow flavor that isn’t too spicy or too smokey. It has fruity floral notes that carry through that add to any mixed cocktail.

Legado Reposado 1.75L (Average Price $32 – $37)

We often bounced between Camarena and Legado as our resident cheap tequila. As the price of Camarena went up, Legado won the honored spot. When we compared that to Hornitos, we actually found that the Legado was a slightly more refined tequila. It has more spicy notes and is a little sweeter as well.

1800 Reposado 1.75L (Average Price $43 – $47)

This tequila sits right in the middle in terms of price and quality. I don’t think of this tequila as a fine tequila and often surprised when restaurants and bars try to pass it off as top-shelf.

Camarena Reposado 1.75L (Average Price $43 – $45)

As mentioned, this was one of our go-to cheap tequila brands for some time. This tequila reminds me a bit of Hornitos in that none of the flavor profiles are too pronounced. It has just enough complexity and flavor to be a great tequila for Margaritas and cocktails.

Espolon Reposado 1.75L (Average Price $45 – $50)

This tequila might be best known for its great label. Featuring skeletons and skulls, the Dia de Los Muertos design makes it perfect for holidays and celebrations. This is also a very solid tequila. Complex notes of spice, smoke, and sweetness live together well in this brand.

Altos Reposado 1.75L (Average Price $40 – $50)

Of all the tequilas mentioned in this post, this one had the widest variety of prices. Altos is a great brand with a well-developed flavor profile. The maturity of this tequila is in the flavors. As tequilas become higher quality, you start to experience much smokier and spicier notes with rich sweetness. If you find this at the right price, it’s a great value.

Cazadores 1.75L (Average Price $45 – $50)

As we lined up our half gallons by price, we were surprised that Cazadores came up as the most expensive. Cazadores is also a very solid brand and as mentioned above, higher quality tequilas have more complex flavors. This is great for people who love the taste of tequila in their cocktails and want those flavors to shine through.

The Winner

We went with Legado as the best cheap tequila that is available in the half gallon size. The rub on this one is it is only available at Total Wine as part of their Direct Spirits brand. As we come out of our Coronavirus lockdown and move into ‘drinks on the patio’ weather, pick it up and give it a try. Let us know what you think!