What happened to Brooke Baldwin from CNN?

CNN's Brooke Baldwin

if you are asking the question, than you probably have been watching as much CNN as I have. With all that is going on in the world, its no surprise that some of the scheduling has been upended, especially given two CNN anchors have both tested and recovered from Covid-19. One of those anchors was Brooke Baldwin.

In early April, Brooke Baldwin posted that she has tested positive for Covid-19 which led to several weeks away from the her 2pm – 4pm time slot. After a full recovery, Baldwin returned to the desk and led us into this crazy election season. However, recently CNN executives made a change and there have been no responses from the network as to why she was replaced with Jake Tapper.

The CNN anchor fueled speculation she’s left the network after leaving a vague Instagram post saying Jake Tapper will ‘hold down’ her show until after the election. With so much important news going on, it was no surprise that fans took to grilling her as to why she would leave at such an important time in our history. Her response to the fan was ‘it’s not my choice’. 

It has been over a week since this transpired but there stll remains to be few details about what is happening. Some speculated it may have something to do with her health after battling the disease, but there has been no confirmation from any sources that her health is the reason behind the departure.

The comment that included the mention that she would see us after the election only added to the confusion if this was a permanent move by CNN or just a temporary programming shift as we lead up to the election. Like many changes that have been thrust upon up this year, this is just another one that we may need to just chalk up to the Coronavirus.

We wish the very best to Brooke and her husband and hope to see her return to the desk when this whole mess of an election is over!