DIY: Solar Bird Bath Fountain

Solar Founatin

As soon as I saw the solar fountain on Amazon, I had to get one. However, finding the right birdbath to go in was very challenging. First of all, most birdbaths are made of large heavy stone and can cost anywhere between $150 – $300. On the other side, many of the birdbaths available online were very small and didn’t really match our vibe.

So, the next step was trying to find a new vessel to turn into a birdbath. In my mind, I was looking for a large concrete-type bowl that could double as a birdbath. You will learn that most pots have drainage holes in the bottom. So, I found this small 12′ pot on Amazon.

The next thing I needed was a stand to put it in on and luckily this was much easier to find. So, I found this stand on Amazon, originally made for a different birdbath. Now, the bowl I chose was slightly smaller than what the stand was for, but it looks great in place.


Once everything was put together, I realized some of the fountain options shot the water too high in the air ultimately making a mess and emptying out the fountain. So, I went without the attachment which just allowed the fountain to bubble more gently. But, the challenge was getting it to stay in the center of bowl. Here are a couple ideas I came across and my current solution.

The first idea I read was taking the attachments that go on a hanging basket, clip the ends off and then clip them to the side of the fountain. This would keep it centered. I also read that you would tether it with some string and attach it to weight. I finally decided to use to small large bamboo skewers, used some floral wire and attached them underneath the fountain.

Since it has already been such a hot summer up here in the Pacific Northwest, I am sure the birds are going to get a lot of relief from our little birdbath.