La Gritona Reposado Review

La Gritona Bottle

Once alcohol sales moved into grocery stores in Washington, it really did impact the diversity of spirits you could buy across different state run stores. So, when we happened to be out and come across an original Liquor Store still doing business, I had to go inside.

The selection wasn’t that big of a departure from the big box liquor stores, but when I see something out of the ordinary I tend to be a moth to a flame. When I saw La Gritona at the North Tacoma liquor store, I grabbed it. The bottle has a vintage look and feel with a moonshine vibe.

I wish the bottle was the only thing that had a moonshine vibe, but this tequila had a rough alcohol taste that we tend to call “grainy”. I have read several other reviews that referred to a plastic like taste, which might be the note I was getting stuck on.

This tequila still stands well above any Jose Cuervo or Jimidor, but not a show stopper. It has some very sweet flavors, which I personally enjoy. However, the complexity that the oak barrels seems to overpower that at the end.