Lemonade Seltzer Reviews

Lemonade Seltzer Review

You may have seen previous posts about Mike’s Lite disappearing of shelves in 2020. Since then, we have been on our journey to find something comparable to replace it with. We tried a lot of different brands of seltzers in many different flavors, but we weren’t finding anything that was hitting our taste buds right.

We really liked the Truly brand, but the lemon truly still lacked any real flavor. Then we discovered Truly Lemonade. The strawberry and black cherry flavors were a little polarizing in our house. I didn’t like the strawberry lemonade and he didn’t like the black cherry. But, the standard Lemonade flavor was pretty good.

Then all of a sudden one day, Mike’s Hard Seltzer popped up on the shelf. We quickly purchased it and rushed home to sample. It comes in 4 flavors (lemon, mango, strawberry and pineapple). All the flavors passed the test.

I had ordered groceries online one day, and the substituted the Bud Light Seltzer for one of the cases of Mike’s Hard Seltzer. Now, we had all three brands on hand and we proceeded with a head to head taste test of all three brands.

First of all, they are all about 100 calories each. So that really leveled the playing field. So, we had to break it down from there.

BrandTruly LemonadeMike’s Hard SeltzerBud Light Hard Seltzer

As much as we wanted Mike’s Hard Seltzer to come out on top, Truly seems to be dominating the space right now. Unfortunately, Truly Lemonade does not sell it’s plain lemonade flavor by the case. So, we found that Total Wine carries large cans in their singles aisle, we have been ordering a case of those and picking them up at the store.

Please let us know your thoughts and thanks for taking this journey with us.