What happened to Mike’s Lite Lemonade?

Mikes Lite Lemonade

As I previously noted, 2020 has been taken away many things from us. That came apparent when we realized the Mike’s Hard Lite Lemonade disappeared. What happened to Mikes’s Hard Lite Lemonade? Well, after seeing it disappear from the shelves of our local Total Wine, I did some research.

I actually contacted Mikes Hard Lemonade and they did confirm that they had put that flavor of Mike’s out to pasture. So, that is when we began our journey to find its replacement. After trying many types of spiked seltzers and combinations of them, the winner was clear. Truly’s Lemonade flavors were the most comparable. The variety pack they sell has four flavors; plain lemonade, strawberry, black cherry and mango.

Not long after I wrote this original post, they released Mike’s Hard Seltzer. The variety pack features Lemon, Mango, Pineapple, and Strawberry. While I enjoy both the Mango and Pineapple, the other two flavors have a strange aftertaste to me. And after watching the comments, I see there are many fans that agree with me.

Clearly, there is a market for lighter beverages and I hope that we continue to convince Mike’s to bring it back!