New Orleans’ Restaurant R’evolution. A Dining Experience.

On our recent trip to New Orleans, we wanted to find a great restaurant to have Valentine’s Day dinner. After much research, I made reservations at Restaurant R’evolution. One of the first things that attracted me to the restaurant, is the menu. It had many options across many courses. Many of the fine dining restaurants these days have such limited menus and being our first time in New Orleans, we wanted lots of options.

The experience starts with a tasty amuse-bouche. Then we had to start making decisions. But don’t let the big menu worry you. There are experts that are all part of your dining team that will help you make all the important decisions. To start, I had to try the crab beignets and I wasn’t disappointed.

We then worked with our Cheese expert to pull together a wonderful meat and cheese board before our meal. The two entrees we selected were the steak and the lobster gnocchi. Both were amazing in presentation and flavor.

Every step of the way, the servers were very attentive, always made sure our drinks were full and timed each course to make it a perfect evening. At the end, we were so full that we decided to forego a dessert. But, we were pleasantly surprised when they delivered this adorable box filled with sweets to cap of our dinner. We both walked away saying this was probably one of the best meals we had ever had. So, if you happen to be in NOLA, make a reservation for the revolution.

The adorable box filled with sweets to finish off our meal.