Passion Tea Margarita Recipe

Passion Tea Margarita

One of my favorite Starbuck’s drink is a Passion Tea Lemonade. So I was impressed when a friend of mine turned the idea into a Margarita. Since you may be stuck inside due to the Corona Virus, you might just be able to knock this out if you have some Passion Tea in the pantry.

Just like I would for iced tea, I heat up 4 – 5 cups of water and steep about 3 – 4 tea bags of Tazo Passion Tea. Once it has had a chance to cool, I usually mix in a bit of lemon juice to add some tartness.

My key to margarita mix is to water it down. Generally mixes are so sweet and full of sugar, you don’t really need all that mix in your cocktail covering up any sign of tequila. So, I first start by putting ice in the glass and top it with your favorite tequila. Then, add a splash of margarita mix that has been watered down just slightly. Then, add in about 1 shot of the Passion Iced Tea and stir. If you don’t have margarita mix, just use lime juice and a little agave to sweeten. But the star of this show is really the Passion Tea and has a similar vibe to a Hibiscus Margarita or even a Prickly Pear Margarita.