Roca Patron Reposado Review

Roca Patron Reposado

Patron was one of the first brands that expanded the perception of tequila in America. Though one time considered the go-to top shelf tequila, recent competition has leveled the playing field. However, Patron had decided to raise the bar again with one of its news varieties of tequila.

Roca Patron has been out for several years and comes in silver, resposado and anejo. Roca was means “rock” is a good insight to what makes this tequila different as it refers to the stone wheel (or tahona) which was traditionally used to crush cooked agave in the production of tequila.

Patron Tequila has been made from a blend of agave that is crushed by the traditional Tahona process (which includes the agave fibers in both the fermentation and distillation) and agave which has been crushed through a roller mill (a more industrialized process where the agave fibers are not included in the fermentation and distillation). Each of these styles of crushing, fermentation, and distillation yields a tequila with distinct character. The traditional Patron tequila represents a marriage of these two styles.

This reposado is aged for 4-5 months in ex-bourbon barrels (the traditional is aged in a combination of ex-bourbon, French, and Hungarian Oak) and bottled at a slightly higher proof than traditional Patron Reposado. In addition to barrel impact, there’s the cooked agave note as well as a very slight peppery spice. This variety of Roca Patron Reposado is much lighter than the traditional Reposado and less complex. It starts with the sweet caramel, vanilla, and agave notes mixed with light pepper and oak spice. In the middle there’s an increase of the spice along with an increase in pepper. Things never get too spicy and there’s an overall light, delicate quality to the Roca Reposado. The finish for Roca Reposado is medium length and dry with light oak and pepper lingering on the palate.