Adictivo Reposado Tequila Review


I thought for my last post of 2021 it would make sense to review a tequila. We have all been stuck dealing with Covid for much of 2021, and I know we probably have enough new recipes that we still haven’t tried yet. This tequila is one we actually came across when we were visiting Puerto Vallarta.

One of our favorite excursions is walking into town and visiting the tequila shops. They are always very eager to give you samples, so we try to make sure we buy a bottle from them when we are all done. The bottle has a very cool twisted design, but the bottle that you can find here in the United States looks like it got a bit of an update.

The one thing that stands out about this tequila is how balanced it is across all its flavors. Usually, tequila will lean sweet or spicy, sometimes oakey, but this balances them all very well. In reading other reviews, many people thought this tequila was too sweet. Since I do tend to like sweeter tequilas, I thought I would share others’ observations.

When you compare this to something like Casamigos, I think Adictivo is much more balanced. It still serves up the vanilla and caramel notes, but the oak and spice smooth it out for me. The other thing about this tequila is how smooth it is and it finishes well. This may not be the perfect gift for a tequila connoisseur, but is worth trying! Enjoy your New Year’s Eve. Happy 2022!


La Gritona Reposado Review

La Gritona Bottle

Once alcohol sales moved into grocery stores in Washington, it really did impact the diversity of spirits you could buy across different state run stores. So, when we happened to be out and come across an original Liquor Store still doing business, I had to go inside.

The selection wasn’t that big of a departure from the big box liquor stores, but when I see something out of the ordinary I tend to be a moth to a flame. When I saw La Gritona at the North Tacoma liquor store, I grabbed it. The bottle has a vintage look and feel with a moonshine vibe.

I wish the bottle was the only thing that had a moonshine vibe, but this tequila had a rough alcohol taste that we tend to call “grainy”. I have read several other reviews that referred to a plastic like taste, which might be the note I was getting stuck on.

This tequila still stands well above any Jose Cuervo or Jimidor, but not a show stopper. It has some very sweet flavors, which I personally enjoy. However, the complexity that the oak barrels seems to overpower that at the end.


National Tequila Day 2018

Reposado Tequilas

Hopefully, you have all recovered from National Tequila Day yesterday. I got to try so many good tequilas, that I thought I would share some of them with you. If I can help just one person not buy Jose Cuervo, then I will feel like I have done some good in the world.

This year, I enjoyed three different Reposado varieties from Good, Better and Best! First of all, I will start with the good. Casamigos, made popular by its founder George Clooney, has really stepped up its presence since he sold it off. This tequila is very sweet and sometimes people discount sweet tequilas because of the added sugars. However, Casamigos still does a good job of bringing out the other subtle spicey notes.

For a better tequila, I thought I would share a slightly more elevated tequila that I first enjoyed at the Northwest Tequila Festival which takes place in the Seattle area. I had tasted Milagro before, but tasting the Barrel Select version of the Reposado made me a fan for life. This tequila is spice forward with a little heat. You are not going to taste the same sweet flavors that you do with the Casamigos. This is a great tequila for the value and also makes a perfect gift. Just take a look at that beautiful bottle with the glass agave plant inside.

And for the best taste of National Tequila Day, I present you Clase Azul. This is celebrity level tequila and as such comes with a hefty pricetag. However, if you truly appreciate tequila, then having a bottle of this in your collection should really be a life goal. This tequila is so smooth you will ask yourself if it’s really tequila. It starts of with a very sweet flavor, but not really like you get from other sugary tequilas. The sweetness comes from a fruity taste which quickly transitions into a complex spicy spirit. Hopefully, this will get you prepared for next years holiday! Salud!