Sedona 89Agave Cantina

As you may gleen from other posts on the site, I have a real love for great tequila! On our recent trip to Sedona, Arizona, we were out looking for a place to have dinner. Our first choice had quite a wait, so we decided to head to another restaurant I had done some research on.

Sedona 89 Agave Cantina is located right on Highway 89 that feeds right into Sedona’s charming downtown. We took a seat in the bar as it was still pretty hot that evening and I am glad we did. Thanks to our wonderful bartender, not only did we have a great dinner, but we tasted some amazing tequilas.

Tequila Flight at 89Agave

What first peaked our interest was the array of infused tequilas that they have behind the bar. We tried the cinnamon which was tasty. But, the Hibiscus Infused tequila was by far my favorite. We then proceeded to do a Tequila flight with some great recommendations from the bartender. They also probably have one of the best tequila selections in Sedona from what we discovered.

I don’t want to finish this post without writing about the food. Though the items offered were somewhat standard, they are all executed in the fresh Sonoran-style.  I had to Chimichanga which was great. I highly recommend a stop to this great little spot. They offer seating outside, in the bar and also have an additional dining room in the back. I am sure during high season the place is packed, so expect a bit of a wait during the busy months.