The Perfect Pantry

George Zakarian The Perfect Pantry

I don’t know about you, but I just love watching The Kitchen every Saturday on the Food Network. I have come to love all the chefs, but you can’t beat getting advice from Iron Chef, Geoffrey Zakarian. One of the things that has made cooking much easier around my house, is when you have a lot of great options you can pull together out of your pantry. I love a full, organized pantry so his new book My Perfect Pantry was right up my alley! Not only is this a beautiful book with some gorgeous pictures, but it is well organized and makes it really easy to see what you need to have the perfectly stocked pantry.


The Spiralizer Breakdown


I used to be intimated by the thought of a spiralizer. It wasn’t using it or cooking with the vegetables, but thinking where I might store this next kitchen gadget along with all the others. The more standard spiral slicers are often large and attach themselves to the counter for stability. The vegetables are placed between the two holders and as you spin the handle, the blade spiralizes the food.

I came across this amazing little handheld spiralizer on Amazon and it took away all my fears. First of all, it is small and comes with its own soft case. This item also comes with an extra peeler and cleaning brush which makes the price unbeatable. With a couple of small zucchinis, you can instantly have zoodles! Check out this article from some great spiralizing ideas. It’s such a great way to cut those pasta carbs out of your diet!